Flux, capacitors, and flux capacitors

This is flux. It is used to make clean, oxidation-free electrical contacts in soldered circuit joints. Flux is real.

This is a capacitor. It is used to store electrical energy until it is needed, or to smooth out the flow of electricity into sensitive circuits. Capacitors are real.

This is a flux capacitor. It is used to initiate the time circuits in a time machine built into a DeLorean, a type of high-end automobile. Flux capacitors are not real.

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  1. Who needs a flux capacitors when we have the oscillation overthruster?

  2. *Sigh* To be honest, the word "flux" always brings to mind the old medical term, which was applied to...err...a particular gastrointestinal complaint.

  3. Yet...

    "Star Trek Communicators aren't real" - led to the creation of the cellphone

    ...you never know the power of fandom and science.


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