Talk like a pirate? Oh, what the heck.

September 19 is International Talk Like a Pirate Day, a loopy, intentional holiday. Those of you making multimillion dollar deals in teleconferences spanning eight timezones may wish to hold off on too much indulgence in the holiday patois, especially if no one else on the call has a sense of humor. However, you CAN slip in a quick, "Hello, Mr. Tashimodo, how arrrr you?" at the beginning of the call. Chances are, no one will notice the brief insertion of counterculture crack-whackery.

You could also be more adventurous during the rest of the call, if so inclined. Just be sure to hit the mute button after you use repeated nautical analogies in making the sales projections for FY12Q2, FY12Q3 and FY12Q4("trim the sails", "land ho", "steady breeze and no bottom", etc.); hearing someone giggle after they've made sales projections doesn't inspire confidence.

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