Wednesday #Poetry: Gag, Maintain, Omit

Welcome to my regular Wednesday poetry corner, brought to you by Three Word Wednesday and One Shot Wednesday.

Today's words are Gag, Maintain, Omit.

I maintain his "omit the chair" gag
Was the mark of an ass, not a wag
His asinine jest
Got him shot in the chest
He can chuckle and snort from that bag.

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  1. ow! as always a unique take on the weekly words.. :) Jae

  2. Great use of the prompt words, much enjoyed ~ Rose

  3. okay someone didn't like that ridiculous joke. great way with words

  4. Sounds sad for all involved.

  5. It amazes me how you can create these limericks.

  6. He got shot? That's one fatal prank. Nice use of form.

  7. Thanks for reading and for the great comments, everyone! Laurie Kolp, I'm not sure how I do it, either. Must be that head injury I sustained as a child.

    Also, please note that I used all three words in the very first line of this limerick. I have no intention of trying to meet this standard of concision again, so enjoy it.

  8. Painful! Amusing take on the prompt

  9. I loved the humor and the rhyming....light-hearted use of prompts...nice job


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