Instead of working on my novel, I was...

... taking up a section of worn flooring, repairing & shoring up the subfloor, installing concrete board, mortaring tiles in place and grouting them.

Click on the image to see my handiwork in all its glory

It's not quite finished, as there is some molding to figure out and install. Then some woodshaping to cover the gaps, finish plastering and painting.

When its finished, it'll look like it's always been there.

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  1. Nice job, it really looks good. Laying tile can be a real pain and hard on the knees and back.

  2. Can't tell a good story without a solid foundation. This applies to housing, too.

  3. Awesome work there, Tony! I've got some flooring that needs doing here at our wee shack... if you're looking for work that takes you "abroad," then here's the ticket!
    Nothing like a bit of physical labour to make you appreciate sitting on your arse and writing.

  4. Nice! You want to come over and do my house next?

  5. Thanks, guys! This was the first tiling job I'd ever tackled. In part at least, it's practice for a much larger bathroom remodeling job later this year.

  6. Hey! Nice to see I'm not alone in my home reno adventures. Great job on the tile. It looks really good.

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  8. Great job! I really like the color palette.

    I had so much fun tiling my own countertop a little while ago (
    Especially because everyone told me I couldn't do it alone. Boy, I love(d) proving them wrong! ;)


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