Writing is... freedom

I was tagged by Ruchira Mandal with this meme. In her take on it, she described writing as a journey. So what does writing mean to me?

Writing is freedom. It lets me be lyrical or silly, scary or sexy. In my writing, I can drop a gumball machine off the top of a building. I can destroy entire continents and use the rubble to build monuments to foolish ideals. I can make someone fall in love, or at least give someone a reasonable shot at it. Writing lets me walk through the logical implications of half-conceived ideas. ("OK, lets assume people could eat and digest coal. What would happen?") Writing challenges my wit, my intellect, my stamina and my ego.

Writing is freedom, but it's the kind of freedom you have to work for.

For the next round, I'm tagging:

Thom Gabrukiewicz

Icy Sedgwick

Andy Hollandbeck

Cathy Webster

Why these four? Because they are articulate and write well.

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  1. Wow! Like I said you would in my reply to your comment on my blog - you have more than lived it up, you have 'enlivened' it.
    I really like the free-ranging images you build up, opening up infinite possibilities of the writer's world. The whole passage is very quotable.

  2. It is freedom, isn't it?
    Thanks for the tag Tony.. I'll post something tomorrow!


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