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(Tony Noland here. Jim Bronyaur is one of the busiest artists I know. Not only is he a longtime participant in #FridayFlash, he's got a great vampire hunter-killer serial called Pulsate, based on his award winning story of the same title. He's got several books out, and has been the driving force behind several anthologies, including ones that I've been fortunate to be a part of, such as 12 Days 2009, 12 Days 2010 and The Unluck of the Irish. I've invited him here today so he can tell you about his latest book, In The Corner and the music he's composing to go with it. Jim, welcome to Landless - take it away!)

Tony’s given me the floor here to, uh, speak.  *Looks left, right*
I’ve been doing interviews on my tour but this is the first where I just get a chance to, uh, talk. 


So, uh, hey, I just flew in to Tony’s site… and boy, my arms… my arms, uh, they’re tired.  Heh. 

*Crickets chirp*

Okay, I need help…


Oh, hey, there’s help.  This is Other Jim.  Hey Other Jim.

Hey Jim.  You’re not good with this guest blog thing, are you?

I guess not Other Jim.  Can you interview me maybe?

Sure thing, Jim.  First, why are you here?

Me?  Here?  Well, one night – or day – my mother and my father, well, they decided to…

NO, not why you’re here-here, but why are you here, on Tony’s site?

*Smacks forehead*  Damn, I’m bad at this.  I’m here because I’m on a book tour for my book, In the Corner.  And because Tony was nice enough to give me his site for the day…

Good, good.  Okay then, tell everyone about your book…

It’s called In the Corner and has three stories in it.  They are a mix of horror and thriller stories, with the first one and last one more of a supernatural kind of horror while the middle one (my personal favorite) being a psychological horror story.

Why did you write the book?

These were stories I started but never finished.  Then one day I decided to finish them.  They all kept playing in my head, over and over, so finally I sat down and finished them and it just so happened the word count was perfect for a book.

What else do have going on?

*Takes a deep breath*  I just finished up what I hope is the final draft of Pulsate (Season One) which is my serialized story that I’m taking and making available as an ebook and paperback.  I also just finished my first stand alone novel, The Devil’s Weekend, which should be out in July.  I released my first poetry book (an epic horror poem) called The Killer & She and am working on the next book in the new poetry series which will be titled The House & He (due out in July).  I launched a new horror site with my friend, Maria Kelly, called #HorrorChat13 ( where we meet on the 13th of every month to talk horror.  I’ve also been informed that Pulsate has been picked up for a second season of stories to be published through Flashes in the Dark.  AND to top that off, I’m working on my next novel… a zombie novel.  *Exhales*

So… is In the Corner available for ebook and paperback?

Totally.  My site is and it’s all there. 

Okay, Other Jim, you can leave, I can take it from here…

*Footsteps echo away*

Whew, that guy can talk, huh?  *Crickets, again*

Okay, first off, thanks to Tony for letting me steal his site for a minute or ten.  Also, don’t forget to stop by my site and enjoy the music I recorded for this post.  For those who don’t know, I’m recording live music to go along with my book tour.  Trying to mix music and writing the best I can.  It’s fun, and for those who leave comments on my site, you’re entered into a grand prize drawing for the end of the tour to be turned into a zombie… check out my site for details.

SO… how’s a little preview sound?  I’ll toss up the first sentence from each story from In the Corner…

When the Stars Fade - It wasn’t until the third blow hit his cheek did Jimmy’s mind let him wonder why the big, hulking stranger standing over him was hitting him.

The Second That Burns - “Hey doc, wanna know something funny? Something I learned.”

The Wrong Side of the Tracks - The morning started out fine - three suitcases in the trunk, a back seat full of CD’s, and two coffee mugs brimmed, one with cream, one with cream and “lots ‘o sugar”.

Thanks for listening to me ramble here!  Hope you enjoyed and don’t forget to get your copy of In the Corner! J

(No problem, Jim, and, uh, Other Jim. Thanks for stopping by to tell everyone about your book and the music. I wrote a song once, and it was awful. I'm amazed at the breadth of talent you're showing. Best of luck with In The Corner! - Tony)

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