CONTEST: Win a free copy of "Blood Picnic and other stories"

Icy Sedgwick recently reviewed "Blood Picnic and other stories" and she interviewed me in connection with the publication. The interview goes up on Thursday. The questions range from the inception of the anthology and my thoughts on the self-publishing wave to my writing habits and my interactions with Neil Gaiman.

However, as a wildcard question, she also asked me my three favorite words.

CONTEST: To Win A Free Copy of "Blood Picnic and other stories", leave a comment below with your guess as to my three favorite words. If you get even one of them right, you Win A Free Copy of this 5-star, 28,0000 word anthology. Pretty easy, eh?

UPDATE, WITH HINT: You know those fairy tales where the king sets an impossible task before the humble tailor? And how the humble tailor sees that what's required is not a brute force approach, but instead uses cleverness to win the day and the hand of the princess? It's like that.Think Rumpelstiltskin, folks.

Also, more than one person can win.

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  1. semicolon; coffee; spambot

  2. "Kiss my shiny metal ass" No wait...that's Bender.

    Ummm, I'll say "Love, Slimer, and Asbestos"

  3. I already bought the book, so just skip my entry. I'll use 3 words from the tweet immediately following: scintillating, compelling, headache.

  4. Blood, Picnic and Published

  5. Write, science, skidoo. (I can hope.)

  6. Thanks for entering, guys! Obviously, I can't yet reveal what the words are, since that will come in Icy's interview of me on Thursday.

    Those of you (if any) who have given one of my three favorite words will get the in the format of your choice.

    Tell your friends!

  7. Cool idea of a contest Tony!

    I'll repeat one mentioned before, because of your Ode to Semicolon. I hope thirteenthdimension will forgive me. :P

    semicolon, expansion, writing?

    Icy's review is amazing! :)

  8. Tony, Tony, Tony. These people don't know you at all. (Or they don't know Google like I do.)

    Your favorite word is "syzygy." Your second and third favorites? I'm going to guess "zugzwang" and "bacon."

    I plan to purchase my first eReader on July 9, and I had intended to make Blood Picnic my first download. Looking forward to reading it!

  9. Thanks to everyone who entered! I'm pleased (and relieved) to announce that one person guessed correctly that my favorite word is "syzygy".

    Actually, @4ndyman didn't guess - he Googled something like "tony noland favorite word". That brings up a old blog post wherein I disclose my favorite word, and also my LEAST favorite word.

    Congratulations, @4ndyman! Let me know your preferred format and I'll send you a copy of "Blood Picnic and other stories". Thanks once again to everyone who entered.

  10. Wonderful!

    For the record, the search was

    "favorite word"


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