Best of #FridayFlash Vol 2 - today's the deadline

Today is the deadline to submit your story to "Best of Friday Flash, Volume 2", edited by Jon Strother, Rachel Blackbirdsong and that Tony Noland guy. Here's the direct link to the submissions page, and (reproduced below) are the guidelines:
Best Of Friday Flash – Volume 2
Submission Guidelines

Please read the guidelines in full before submitting.

Submissions are open now thru 2 June 2011.

All submissions must have been previously published online as a Friday Flash. The purpose of the collection is to celebrate quality work of Friday Flash contributors. Stories appearing in the Best Of Friday Flash – Volume One are not eligible for inclusion – they've had their day in the sun.

Stories must be of 1,000 words or less, not counting the title.

All submissions will be handled via Submishmash. Upload the story to Submishmash as a .doc .rtf, or .txt document. Do not upload .docx (a newer MicrosoftWord format) documents, as they are often problematic.

All submissions are to be non-attributed. DO NOT include your name on the story. Stories including the author’s name will be disqualified, at which point the author may submit an alternate story – again, with no name attached.

All entries must be stand-alone stories. Installments from a series may be submitted but must be able to stand on their own to be considered. Assume no previous knowledge of characters, settings, or background on the part of the judges, editors, or readers. Don’t let this requirement dissuade you from submitting, rather have it guide you as to which story you choose.

Stories may be edited prior to submission, in fact we encourage it. As long as the story is still essentially the same as the one posted as Friday Flash have at it. Feel free to correct spelling, grammar, and inconsistencies you've spotted since first posting. We want polished pieces.

You must still retain the rights to your story in order to submit. If your story has appeared in another venue check to see the terms of that publication. If you are still free to publish elsewhere then it is eligible. Note that some venues prohibit submission for a set period of time even if they have not selected your story. For example, NPR's 3 Minute Fiction retains exclusive publication rights to all works submitted for one full year.

By submitting a story the author attests that it is their own original work and grants non-exclusive print and digital rights to Jon M. Strother. This means you are free to do whatever you like with your stories provided they still fall under the rules of submission for other venues.

The most effective bribes will be in the form of chocolate.

The authors of stories selected for Editor's Choice or Reader's Choice Awards will receive both print and digital copies of the collection. The print book will be produced via CreateSpace and the ebook via SmashWords. All other authors selected for inclusion will receive a digital (ebook) version of the collection via SmashWords. Proceeds of all sales will go to fund further Friday Flash promotions in the form or readers and/or writing contests or other promotional activities.
OK, procrastinators... go!

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  1. Thanks for reminding all of us procrastinators

  2. Got it in night before last — later than I wanted, but soon enough!


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