Wednesday Poetry: Figure, Juicy, Stress

Welcome to my regular Wednesday poetry corner, brought to you by Three Word Wednesday and One Shot Wednesday.

Today's words are figure, juicy, stress.

Green eyes, pale thighs, made him stress,
And her figure, just made for that dress!
Could that juicy peach
Cause a marital breach?
He straightened his tie, nonetheless.

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  1. So much said in so few words. Awesome.

  2. I keep hearing Austin Powers chanting, "Margaret Thatcher on a cold day!"

    Love this!

  3. 'Juicy peaches' can indeed be hard to resist..I hope he indulged only in the pleasure of looking..Jae

  4. perhaps he is just admiring beauty...until he gets

  5. Nice one - and not too far removed from mine ;-)

  6. I think anyone would straighten his tie, faced with a vision like that. Very good indeed.

  7. @Ruchiraa: Thank you! Brevity is the soul of poetry.

    @Apple: I'm afraid I don't get the reference, but I'm glad you liked it!

    @Jae: The tie straightening is always a bad sign.

    @Brian: "I was just looking! Honest!"

    @Anthonynorth: Great minds think alike!

    @Old Altonian: "I think anyone would straighten his tie, faced with a vision like that." I'm pretty sure it's genetic. 8-)

  8. Sheilagh Lee said:strung together brilliantly I really enjoyed your poem

  9. You gave us the eyes but our imagination gave us the rest. I even popped a mint in my mouth!

  10. Provocative, Tony!
    Here's mine:

  11. Sinfully simple. It never hurts to look...

    Love how you used the three words.

  12. then stop looking at the juicy peach... ;)

    well done.

  13. this was hilarious! just hilarious.


  14. Loved it. We seem to have a bit of guy bashing in the comments. So in their defense:

    I'd like all the women who have never stood a little straighter, finger combed their hair or sucked in their tummy at the sight of a good looking guy to raise their hands.

    Funny, I'm not seeing any hands!

    My 3WW: The Good Life

  15. uh-oh. Trouble in a few sentences. So well done.

  16. @Sheilagh: Thank you!

    @oldegg: Often, it's just the suggestion of the rest that is the most potent enticement. 8-)

    @Kim: Thanks, Kim!

    @rmpWritings: "It never hurts to look..." ... unless your wife happens to be standing right behind you.

    @rebecca: "then stop looking at the juicy peach... ";) Easier said than done!

    @trisha: Thank you, I'm glad you liked it!

    @Grandma's Goulash: The instinctive reaction to a hot commodity is ingrained in everyone, to be sure.

    @Lilibeth: Thanks!

  17. you are the man, Tony. This is top-notch.

  18. Echoing the other comments, you said a lot with a little, this was both impressive and memorable. Great, Tony!


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