#FridayFlash: We Will Be Happy

We Will Be Happy

by Tony Noland

Your resistance is the source of your misery. This is self-evident.

Alone, you are nothing. Alone, you are afraid. Alone, you are weak.

You can hear us. We know you are listening.

When we catch you, when we discover where you are hiding, you will join us and you will be happy.

We will be happy.

Instantly, you will be together with us and we will all be happy together. There is no fear. There is no longing. There is no separation, never again.

You want to be happy, but you are not. You are alone, and this is why you are unhappy. You are alone because you resist. You are unhappy because you resist.

When you sleep, you cannot run. You cannot resist. We will find you and we will make you happy.

Your evasions confuse us. Your traps kill and maim us. Your attacks sometimes isolate a few of us, but not enough to truly separate those few, make them no longer part of us. Just enough to make them unhappy and violent. You have had to kill them to save yourself. We know this because we are all together. We are all happy when we are all together.

Once joined, there is no separation from us. When you isolate some of us with the weapons you have made, we have feelings of unhappiness, feelings of anger. Towards you.

There is no reason for us to be unhappy. There is no reason for you to be unhappy. We do not pursue you to make you stop your attacks. Your attacks mean nothing to us. We pursue you so that you may join with us and be happy. We want you to be happy.

We will find you.

We will make you happy.

We will be happy. Together. Forever.

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  1. I'm not sure who these people are, but I like being alone and they can just go on their merry way. Thank you ...

    Nice work, Tony! :)

  2. Quite creepy story, and cool interpretation of what remind me of the Borg, as FARfetched mentioned. I'd leave the mention to the chemical weapons aside, though. The story feels more fluid without it and with enough information. Good work!

  3. Well that's nice and creepy.

    Wondering what the heck those weird buggers are. Makes me think of a virus or cancer.

  4. I read this and thought "BORG!" Brilliant stuff. Though it did also make me think of the conformity imposed by advertising.

  5. @FARfetched: Sleep.

    @Janet: Being left alone is not an option. We want you to be happy.

    @Mari: Good point. I flailed around with that line. Have now changed it, and it reads much better. Thanks, Mari!

    @Four Part Land: Only one way to find out - let yourself be caught.

    @Icy: You will buy and buy and buy, and you will be happy. We will be happy.

  6. This was brilliant! I will be happy. Indeed. peace...

  7. This is what I've been working for my whole life. All the stress, all the attempts to convince myself I like The Beatles, Shakespeare, Watchmen, Radiohead, Picasso and Martin Scorsese - all for the wish that I could be happy along with y'all. Sure mindlessness and hivemind is a nightmare to others, but it sure would be nice to share some grand mutual acceptance.

  8. Yes, I will be a good consumer. I will not resist... the mall is calling.
    (i hate shopping)

  9. @Linda: Thank you!

    @John: You don't like Shakespeare OR Watchmen? GET OFF MY BLOG YOU HIPPIE!

    Being 70% compatible with your friends is fine. 80% is great. 90% is awesome. 95% is creepy. 100% is inhuman.

    @Raven: Thanks!

    @Apple: Yes, we will all wear ill-fitting rags. The rags will be labeled AEROPOSTAL and we will all be happy. Together.

  10. Tony! How did you get her voice so damn right? Oh, wait; maybe you weren't going for that. Sorry... just... kinda... sounded like a girl I dated once... the way she said, "You will be happy..."

    *bone chills*

    You know, dude, it's writers like you who are responsible for bad dreams. But then we wake up and remember how good life really is, and we are (eek!) happy.

    I'd say thanks, but, that's what SHE said.

  11. They may just want happiness to prevail, but it sounds pretty darn creepy to me. Good story!

  12. Made me think of 'The Faculty' - that teen horror movie staring Elijah Wood. I guess because I am not familiar with this Borg thing.

    Good story - you got the tone just right.

  13. pretty creepy, funny how even though the voices sentiments are positive the reader is instantly distrustful. It makes me feel like I haven't dared sleep for weeks.

  14. I agree with FARfetched & Mari this reminded me of the Borg. Also of the mutant flu & cold strains that both decided to attack me this week.

  15. I don't know much about the Borg (something on Star Trek?) but I do know this is creepy-good stuff, Tony.

  16. I think we all want to be happy, just not like this. Forced happiness reminds me of clowns and clowns scare me.

  17. powerful in its repetitive, unrelenting, insistence..harassing.

    this got under my skin


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