Three Word Wednesday: Abrasive, handful, loss

It's One Shot Wednesday! Today's words for Three Word Wednesday are: abrasive, handful, loss:

Abrasive, abusive and mean
Not a statesman as he'd overween
But Mubarak's undone
With his loss, they'll have won
In a handful of hope, future's sheen.

Cynic alert: I thought Tienanmen Square was going to turn out well, too.

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  1. Definitely rose cloured glasses.LOL
    Great satire

  2. I hope there is a sheen to the future in Egypt..just like the sweets they are selling infront of the tanks..Jae

  3. I hope the people will find safety, voice, and freedom from oppression when as is said and done. Nice poem. Thought-provoking

  4. Let us keep our fingers crossed..

  5. as dustus said, I hope the people will find safety...

  6. Revolutions bring upheaval and create vacuums - sometimes filled by statesmen and intellectuals, sometimes filled with other dictators even more harsh and debilitating. The world does not need another country in the region to become a religious oligarchy. Praying for stable times and freedom for the people.

  7. well we can certainly be hopeful; I tend to be more cynical about it all and remember that the people who begin a revolution seldom end it. Oh well, a well written hopeful poem anyway.

  8. Weather forecast: overcast, a bit hazy... nice satire.

  9. Woah!

    Loved the zinger in there. Let's keep our fingers crossed that they find a solution.


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