Wednesday Poetry: Blink, Kind, Occasion

Today's words are: Blink, Kind, Occasion. For some reason, I really struggled with these, so I used these three words to write a poem about being unable to write a poem using these three words.

On occasion, I get stuck:
Got no rhymes! I'm out of luck!
Brain is on the blink
Mind don't wanna think
Kind of like a mud-stuck pickup truck.


You can also listen to me read "Writer's Block". It's only 12 seconds, and there are certainly worse ways you could waste a fifth of a minute.

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One Shot Poetry Wednesday

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  1. Cute, Tony. That's one way to use writer's block! :)

  2. Writer's block is the dreaded evil...but at least even in the face of it you can squeeze out fun little pieces such as this.

  3. Sheilagh Lee said:Don't we all get days when we are blocked but it looks like your muse broke through.Well done!

  4. That's not a block - that's an inspiration.

  5. I liked it.. and I like your style..

  6. Yes, sometimes the wheels just turn and turn, and nothing comes up but mud. Well done.

  7. Happens to the best of us. Amusingly expressed.

  8. this is an awesome utilization of the prompts! ha!


  9. Hey, there have been times where I've gotten stuck, and really, I have like a few hours head start because I picked the words. Fun stuff, as always.


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