#NaNoReMo, Day 1

National Novel Reading Month begins February 1st. The rules are simple:
1. Find a classic novel you've never read, preferably one you've been meaning to read for a long time.

2. "Classic" is up to your definition. If you feel Beloved is a Modern Classic, you read it.

3. Between February 1st and 28th, read the book.

4. Join in on Twitter, blogs and Facebook to discuss your journey through the classic. You're even welcome to come back discuss the books in comments threads on this post.

 ... so began John Wiswell's post to kick off NaNoReMo this year.

As of this writing, 14 people are in, the list of whom I've copied from John's post. Why not pop over to John's site and add yourself to the list? So far, the canon classics being read range from Victorian drama and modern lit-fic to science fiction and fantasy.

#NaNoReMo Readers List
1. Catherine Russel: Victor Hugo's Les Miserables
2. Danielle la Paglia: F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby
3. Tony Noland: Thomas Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow
4. John Wiswell: George Eliot's Middlemarch
5. Andy Hollandbeck: T.H. White's Once and Future King
6. John Gray: John Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath
7. T.S. Bazelli: Toni Morrison's Beloved8. Eric Krause: Edgar Rice Burroughs's Princess of Mars
9. Beverly Fox: Charles Dickens's Nicholas Nickleby 
10. Paul Philips: BOTH Ira Levin's The Stepford Wives and H.G. Wells's The Invisible Man
11. Janet Lingel Aldrich: Victor Hugo's Les Miserables
12. Katherine Nabity: Truman Capote's In Cold Blood
13.  Ross Dillon: Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man
14. Maria Kelly: Ray Bradbury's Martian Chronicles

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  1. Glad to have you on board, Tony, particularly since Gravity's Rainbow is on my shelf. This is sort of a voyeurism thing for me. I liked The Crying of Lot 49 enough that you might tip me into reading it in March.


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