Does this poem make me look stupid?

Today's Three Word Wednesday words are: idle, nagging, pace

I feel around this room
A nagging sense of doom.
An idle pace
Makes anxious space
Must get to work: VA-VOOM!

Now for the question: do you think less of me because I write limericks? Are these bits of doggerel not merely neutral, but harmful? Are they diminishing me in your eyes? I could write something deep and soulful with them, instead:
Sunlight on the idle grass, green yet not
growing. No warmth in winter's day to stir,
quicken the pace of blades not yet
The food of life for grass and for me
showered upon us as we try to ignore
the nagging falseness of cold light, both of us not yet

Is one any better than the other? True, the second poem is crap with respect to content, but so is the first one. The first one at least has the benefit of adherence to the meter of the limerick form. I write limericks because I like the form, not because I can't write anything else. However, why do I feel it necessary to say that? What does that mean? Why should I concern myself with how other people judge me based on the kind and quality of poetry I post here?

Well, that's a pretty dumb question, isn't it?

Musings about poetry on a bright January day... not quite the most auspicious way to kick of a new year of blogging.

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  1. I look forward to your limericks. Happy New Year, Tony!

  2. It doesn't make you look stupid but it does make you look fat.

    1. Why, thank you, Cathy!

      (I assume "fat" is Canadian for "awesome", right?)

    2. Sorry, I'm laughing out loud! When I saw this post on my blogroll I couldn't help but thinking of women who ask if their dress or jeans make them look fat.

      And yeah, fat is totally Canadian for awesome - it must be because I'm really, really awesome!!!!

  3. I have always loved limericks and think they often take more time to make them work. mind you I could be biased because I love writing them as well :) happy New year

    1. I love the deceptive simplicity of limericks, mostly because humor is one of the trickiest things to pull off properly.

  4. Limericks are fun that I happily leave for others to compose. Musing in any form is a year long task rain or shine, cold or warm.

  5. As someone who writes limericks himself, you'll get no disagreement from me! (Though I didn't use the form for this particular prompts (shrug))


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