Don't say "No". Say "No, thank you".

Here are some easy substitution phrases for you to use when next faced with a "situation":

Don't say... Instead, say...
Do I know you? I'm afraid I can't recall our last meeting.
Why are you asking me to do this? I'm flattered that you think I can help you.
This sounds like a waste of my time. I wouldn't be able to give this my full attention.
You are crazy for taking this on. You certainly have a passion for this project.
Fuck you. Pay me. I've had to prioritize my paid and non-paid work.
No one is ever going to read this or care about it. What did your market research tell you?
Why would I work with you? You're an asshole! I really think our working styles are incompatible.
You're not my boss. How are things over in your chain of command?
You think I'm stupid enough to do all the work... This division of labor wouldn't work for me...
...and leave you to take all the credit. ...but at least the feather will be in YOUR cap.
Don't ever ask me to do this kind of thing again. I still have fond memories of when I used to do this.
Get the fuck out of my office. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Ah, I'll have to pin this one to my cube wall!

    I remember a different list that went around years ago. The one I remember was, Don't Say: "Wanna step outside and say that?" Instead, say: "Let's take this offline."


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