New Year's Resolutions

My resolutions for this year include the usual stuff about diet and exercise, but for the purpose of this blog, I'll list a few writing-related resolutions for 2013.

1. Publish "Verbosity's Vengeance: A Grammarian Adventure Novel". This book is out on queries to agents and publishers right now, mostly because it needs editing and a pro cover before it can be the kind of book that I know it can be. Relying on a publisher for those services avoids a big cash outlay up front. However, thanks to a significant vote of confidence (and monetary investment) from someone who has read the book as it now stands, things are different. Pro editing and a pro cover are now something I can swing as a one time service-for-hire rather than having to fold the cost of them in as part of a percentage of sales forever.

2. Finish an outline, rough draft, revised draft and polished draft of my next book.

3. Rework my writing schedule to get more done, and refocus my efforts so that the things I'm getting done are what I need to be getting done.

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  1. Good list. I need to write one almost exactly like that. I am hoping the best for your book, Tony. Gawd knows I'm in exactly the same boat as you are and it's excruciating. Best of luck!

    1. Thanks, Cathy - I wish you the same!

      From the start, I've been on the fence about how to proceed with this book. This changed circumstance gives me a lot more freedom to decide.


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