Three words that describe me

In this article, Jeff Goins describes the process by which a blogger can find his or her voice.

The first step is to describe yourself using three adjectives. Taken seriously, this is a more introspective action than it first appears. I could do male, Caucasian, and sexy, but aside from being only 67% true, it doesn't capture the uniqueness of me.

How about this: articulate, funny, and hopeful. Does that do it? Would you say that those describe me pretty well? If not, what three words would you use to describe me? My perception of myself is necessarily (and inescapably) aspirational. Your perception of me is more objective.

After you've described me with three adjectives, how would you describe yourself?

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  1. Hmmm, I think this really required more than an off the top of my head observation, but I'll give one anyway.

    Articulate, intelligent, verbose.

    For my own words? No clue. Hope this helps!

  2. Replies
    1. Are those to describe me, or are they how you'd describe yourself?

  3. On the flip side of the coin, the following descriptors may apply:

    obsessive (as in compulsive disorder); obstinate (as in the misguided belief that you are the master of the semi-colon and never make a grammatical error); and, of course, ornery (when things don't go as planned) -- not necessarily in that order.

    I like you anyway.

    1. Not quite three for three, Mr./Ms. Anonymous, but close enough that I'll give them to you.

      My OCD is more like manic-depressive disorder, and it's more like "on the spectrum" than actual "disorder", but I can see how you could mistake one for the other.

      No one can truly master the semicolon... it's that awesome. I leave my beta readers to vouch for the extent to which I make grammatical errors.

      As for ornery when things don't go my way? You have no idea. Truly, you don't.

    2. I have mastered the semi-colon.

  4. Creative, kind, thoughtful (for you)

    Insecure, tentative and caring (for me)

    1. Thanks, Janet. I think those are great words for us both!


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