Survival requires flexibility

Hurricane Sandy is past and I'm OK. It was a tense night, with much
more wind than rain in my particular location.

I'm drinking coffee made with my camping gear - an open-flame espresso
pot, to be precise. I have no power and no heat, but it'll be a while
before either of those are critical failures. My cell phone still has
half a charge; when it goes, the roads are clear enough that I can
drive around a bit and use the car charger.

It's a dim, gray, chill day here, but I'm mindful that this could have
been much worse for me. I'm also aware that for many in the path of
Sandy, it *was* much worse. Those of you with internet access,
consider donating to the Red Cross or another charity of your choice.

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  1. I've got one of those little espresso makers too!

    Hope your power comes back on before I finish typing this… but in any case, keep up some kind of routine until then.

  2. Glad to hear things turned out ok, Tony. I've been thinking about all of you guys in Sandy's path. We usually get any hurricanes that come up the east coast, but thankfully this one is giving us a pass.


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