This book is THAT good

With all comments back from beta readers, a couple of things are clear. I need one more tiny scene to flesh out a couple of supporting characters. This is to help differentiate them and give them both a bit more screen time.

No problem! I'll have my MC talk to Supporting Character A about Supporting Character B. A will say that B is a jerk, and MC will say, "Oh, you're only saying that because [B's backstory]. If you weren't [A's backstory], you'd like him."

Boom. Problem solved. Tony is a genius.

Also, I have a tweak for the ending. Fixes something that's been bugging me and will make you all swoon with delight. You will love me and my book.

How much will you love this book? Let me tell you: soon, "Tony" will jump up past Jacob, Jayden, and Noah to get back up into the Top 10 names for newborn boys. And "Noland" will suddenly rocket past Sophia, Isabella and Olivia to the Top 10 names for girls born in 2014.

I'm not kidding. This book is THAT good.

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