A miserable, cold, light-less hell

On Wednesdays, I compose a limerick based on the prompt from Three Word Wednesday. Today's words are: brisk, detached, miserable  (it's more fun if you read it aloud - try it!):

These brisk days of autumn foretell
Sure coming of winter's death-knell
Elm leaves detached,
The lawn choked and thatched:
A miserable, cold, light-less hell
    ~~~~~ * * * ~~~~~

OK, "hell" might be a bit strong, but nothing makes you want to throw it all away and weep for the futility of life like the depressive onset of seasonal affective disorder in the first gray, chilly days of autumn. But at least I got a limerick out of it.

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  1. I kind of feel the same way about winter.

    1. And the snow lay all about, deep and crisp and even - but that didn't make it any easier to deal with. :-)

  2. I live in Finland, so I know what you mean, until the snow comes, then it gets better.

  3. But this is the best time of year! Can you re-write this for February when the time comes?

  4. yes winter can make you feel that way well put tony.

  5. Thanks for reading, guys. The gray weather moods creep up on me like frostbite.

  6. Very well put. These words evoked leaves for me as well.

  7. Down under it is our spring but that didn't stop the snow from falling on the hills above the city this morning. At least we know our summer is closer than yours. Yes, reading it out was great.

  8. yes winter is on it way. Very evocative.


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