Web serials: the video

Earlier today, I moderated a discussion of serial fiction with some publishers who've been working in this field. This discussion was organized by Claudia Christian and TuesdaySerial. We talked about pricing, publishing, reader feedback, mobile readers, serials vs. serialized novels, niche marketing... lots of great stuff. While I moderated the conversation on-screen, my TuesdaySerial colleagues PJ Kaiser and Larry Kollar were behind the scenes fielding questions and working out the technical details.

The panel consisted of: Claudia Hall Christian (author of Alex the Fey , Denver Cereal and The Queen of Cool, and co-founder of Cook Street Publishing); Yael Goldstein Love (novelist, co-founder and editorial director of Plympton, teacher of fiction writing at Boston’s Grub Street, and publishing assistant at The Paris Review); Angie Capozello (founder and moderator of The Penny Dreadful and a co-moderator for http://fridayflash.org); and Jerry Fan (founder of JukePop, Inc.).

Due to technical difficulties, scheduled participants Kate Sullivan (founder of Candlemark & Gleam) and Jason Allen Ashlock (Co-founder and President of Movable Type Management) were not able to join us for this videochat, but will no doubt be brought back for a future roundtable discussion.

Later on, a transcript will be attached to this video, but for now, enjoy these 56 minutes of publishing industry professionals talk about this resurgent form of literature.

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