A sneak peek at my book

Here's a sneak peek at my book, "Goodbye Grammarian".

Click to enlarge and see it in all its glory

The process to date:
  • Wrote a 50K draft, in sequence from beginning to end.
  • Read and made notes for massive changes, revisions, additions, in sequence from beginning to end.
  • Added new and re-wrote the old, in sequence from beginning to end, until it reached ~82K.
  • Re-read and made more notes for major changes, revisions, additions.
  • Skipping around in the manuscript, added new, re-wrote the old, until it reached 101K.
  • NOW: re-read, make more notes for minor changes, revisions, continuity, deletions and additions.

I suspect there are some subplots that need to be streamlined and some characters that need to be balanced out.

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  1. It grows by an average of ~25K in each cycle, so far. So does that imply the final story will run about 125K? (Hey, the best books are those you wish would never end.)

  2. Thanks, Helen!

    Larry: no, I think I'll want to rein this in. My original target was 90K. I'm still going to shoot for that, and set a hard ceiling of 100K. If this is one of those books that people want more of, I'll write a sequel. ;-)

  3. Godspeed, Tony! Are you comfortable with it at 101,000?

    1. Honestly, I think I'm ultimately going to try to carve it back down to 90,000. I suspect there is at least that much fluff and gloppy writing in there.

      I don't want to work it over too much, though, before I give it to the betas. The whole point of having fresh sets of eyes read it is to make my work as a writer more efficient by allowing me to focus on what truly needs to be fixed instead of what I'm merely twitchy over.


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