#FridayFlash: Canon in D

It is a dark and stormy night.

The protagonist takes the punch, rolling with the impact to make the
antagonist overconfident.

The antagonist hits as hard as he can, driving the protagonist to the
ground with a single blow.

The woman cries out, seeing the protagonist felled by the ferocity of
the antagonist's attack.

The protagonist grunts in a convincing display of pain.

The antagonist sneers in a brash display of triumph.

The woman cowers in a simpering display of fear.

The author pushes back his chair, disgusted with the hackneyed cliché
in which he has mired his new book.

The muse stands back, contributing nothing, waiting by the author's side.

The computer hums.

The coffee cools.

The computer hums.

The muse shifts and rests a hand on the author's shoulder.

The author pulls his chair forward and reshapes the world.

The woman snarls, red rage on her face.

The antagonist chokes, dark blood in his mouth.

The protagonist gasps, silver knife in his hand.

The woman howls, her ragged claws buried deep in the antagonist's throat.

The antagonist shudders, the recoil from his AK-47 convulsing him as
he empties a long clip into the woman's chest, to no effect.

The protagonist hesitates, the sucking wound in his side burbling as
he draws back his arm, preparing to strike with the only weapon that
can kill his beloved.

In the clear night sky, the cold moon looks down at the suffering
she's wrought in the world below... and laughs.

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  1. Ha I had a vision of the writer sitting at his computer writing and rearranging that confrontation! I liked it! You never cease to amaze me with you talent Sir!

  2. I was sure the computer was going to turn on them in the end, but it was a red herring.

  3. Ha ha! Nice. =)

    Interestingly enough, sits well with Steve Green's #fridayflash this week, too. =)

  4. yeah that's what I'm talking about baby! Mue, get thee gone, you just ain't cutting it anymore in this age of thrills and spills. Nobody wants your sloppy luuuurve and romance schtick no more. Right, next scene, let's go for killer trucks, no wait vampires on Harleys...

    Great fun Tony!

    marc nash

  5. Think I'll have to steal this award-winning formula *evil laugh*
    Adam B @revhappiness

  6. *throws out WIP*

    Enjoyable as always, Tony.

  7. The reader absoluetly loves the line "The author pulls his chair forward and reshapes the world". The story reminds her of every single NaNoWriMo she's ever participated in.

  8. I loved it! Did you ever play a game on CompuServe (back in the day) called "British Legends"? The way you broke things apart sentence by sentence reminded me of how fights were handled in BL (which was a text-based adventure game):

    "The rat bares its teeth and charges!"

    "You strike back with a fierce blow."

    "The rat cringes in pain and prepares to change again!"

    I really love how you weave together realities in this. Good work.

  9. Love this Tony! You've just told the story of so many writer's lives. And I love the ominous ending. Super stuff!

  10. Love how even the weather reshapes itself in this! And "The author pushes back his chair, disgusted with the hackneyed cliché in which he has mired his new book." got me laughing. More blood, more violent! That's the ticket!

  11. Cute. I have to admit I imagined you as the author when I read this.

  12. Inventive, imaginative and original as ever Tony..!!

  13. I love how you experiment with story telling. So envious.


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