What the semicolon says about me

In a hilarious guest post, Leah Peterson delineates what your favorite punctuation mark says about you. Since my love for the semicolon is well-established, I naturally read that entry:
Semi-colon (;): You’re well-read and urbane. You knew where this was on the keyboard before it became part of the winky emoticon. You’re more easy-going than Colon or Period types, but you’re still put together and usually organized. People are comfortable around you and tend to like you, though they may not be able to say exactly why.
Dead on the money, especially the part about people not knowing why they like me. We semicolonistas are mysterious that way.

Leah's analysis has equally insightful things to say about the . , : {} " [] & ! - / and other punctuation marks. The rest of the post is great fun, so go read it.

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  1. Trying to think what punctuation I resemble.... off to read Leah's blog!


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