C-c-c-coffee's g-g-g-good!

A slight miscalculation based on misremembering: instead of "one level scoop of coffee for every two cups of water", my younger son made this morning's pot using "two heaping scoops of coffee for every one cup of water".


After half a cup, my fingers are trembling, my arms ache and my stomach is cramping. The sun appears to have dimmed in the sky and all the sounds around me have an odd, ringing quality.

Also, my teeth itch.

I appreciate having coffee made for me. Truly, I do. It's an expression of love and affection.

But... well.

Happy Father's Day.

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p.s. You might think I'm jumping the gun by saying Happy Father's Day today, instead of tomorrow. However, for me, it is already tomorrow. And next week, since I'm in the middle of a pulsating time dilation

At least, that's how I feel.

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  1. "It's the thought that counts!" he said, vibrating through the kitchen wall.


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