How to keep going

Today over at, I talk about endurance as a writer. How do you keep it going for the long haul?  From the post:

It’s easy to write when things are going well. The words splash and flow like wine from a bottle, intoxicating you and everyone around you. It feels like the party will go on forever. It doesn’t take endurance to write during times like this. It takes a fast pen and a quick mind to capture it all.

But then…

You want to write, you need to write… but you can’t. You’ve got no ideas, or at least no good ones. Your prose sounds trite, your characters are wooden, you’ve written yourself into a corner and your stalled WIP is crap. The screen is blank in front of you and your fingers on the keyboard are useless.
Whatever happens, just keep writing.

Pop over and give it a read.

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