Wednesday #limerick: amateur, diligent, nurture

Today's Three Word Wednesday words are:  amateur, diligent, nurture

The diligent amateur scribe
Finds nurture with those of his tribe
Thus assuages the pain
Of a scribbler's mien
With spirituous liquors imbibe

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  1. I am away from liquor..but I keep writing.. thanks for such a humour filled limerick..

  2. always excellent limericks thank you for this one Tony.

  3. Love it...spirituous liquors imbibe

  4. I liked the lyrical bent of this piece.

  5. Yeah, I love a good limerick, and the sausages word is a banger!

  6. Combining a limerick with Three Word Wednesday, AND after I just read Berowne's story? Brilliant. Check out Berowne and you'll see what I mean about the subject matter! Peace, Amy


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