Happy Monday! Really!

Back from a few days offline. Waiting for me are:
  • > 400 e.mails:
    • ~50% Junk
    • ~25% Read & Respond Later
    • ~15% Respond Right Now
    • ~10% Respond Two Days Ago/Where The Hell Are You?
  • A rejection of a story I submitted, nicely phrased with an invitation to resubmit something else more appropriate to the venue
  • A review which calls a recently published story "predictable, unmemorable and unremarkable"
  • More looming deadlines
  • Misbehaving computers
  • Jet lagged brain fog and dehydration headache
It's a good thing today started off really well, including some extra sleep, or I'd find all this pretty depressing.

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  1. What, you didn't set Out of Office to stave off the "where are you?" messages?

    Damn, it must have been a real hair on fire kind of thing to send you overseas for — what, two days?

  2. I forgot to set that before I left. Was in a bit of a hurry.


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