An all-purpose generic blog post: the big 6

Witty play on words, with a tangential reference to the eye-grabbing title that justifies the blatant SEO phrasing.

Introduction of main theme of the blog post, in the form of a rhetorical question. Restatement of theme as a declaration, stressing its broad significance. Real life examples citing famous people and citing my own experience writing fiction. Another funny bit of wordplay to let you know that, while I don't take myself seriously, I do consider this an important topic that YOU should take seriously.

Short, self-referential paragraph musing on various ways to discuss and/or present my thoughts on the main theme. Expression of opinion of blog posts that contain bullet lists.

1. Least obvious aspect of main theme. This is the first item on the list, primarily to show you how clever I am and how deeply I've thought about this issue.

2. Most obvious aspect of main theme. This is the second item on the list so that you can think, "Hey, I thought of that!", and get a flush of pleasure at beating me to the punch.

3. Obscure aspect of main theme. Several sentences explaining why this is actually quite important, even though in truth it may not be. This is included to give you something to argue with me about.

4. Another obvious aspect of the main theme. "Quotation from famous person supporting the view that this is important."  - Famous Person. Reworded declaration that if it's good enough for Famous Person, it's good enough for me.

5. A joke aspect of the main theme. This is put in to keep the list from getting too dry and academic.

6. Moderately obvious aspect of main theme. This is presented as the most important aspect, primarily to get you to argue with me about which aspect is truly the most important.

Final paragraph restating the main theme. Declaration that attention paid to the main theme will improve your life in unexpected ways. Funny word play, snippet of wisdom, punchline-type phrase to wrap up.

Question posed to readers: what do you think about main theme? Invitation to argue disguised as question?

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  1. This whole post was just disgusting. How can you put number six at the bottom of your list. Sure it shouldn't be number one (that actually goes to your number two)

    Oh, and famous person was a pedophile so I don't care about him.

    Also, insert generic complement so I don't totally offend you.

  2. Witty comment thanking you for sharing your opinion on the subject, agreeing with comments one and two, and arguing the last point to make me feel like you really don't know more than I do on the subject.


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