I'll have a slice of tau, please

A wonky campaign to relegate pi to the dustbin of history and replace it with a more useful fundamental constant: tau.

Mathematicians... you muthuh fuckas is crazy.

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  1. You said "math," and I became instantly confused. Numbers make my eyes cross, so I'll take your word for it that this is a bad thing. ;)

  2. Amazing. I've never heard of using tau to replace 2pi, but it makes a lot of sense. Granted there are a lot of formula that have just a single pi, but my intuition is that this would save time.

    Given all the fractions of a second I've written 2pi, tau might have added up to save me hours of my life....I like

  3. *LMAO* Ugly math ... f-ugly math has been more the story of my math studies. In a strange way, I enjoyed this clip. I was with him until he used the dirty word "calculus." o_O


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