Almost 2K

I did 2K on my book yesterday. Reworked and expanded the climactic fight scene ending to make more exciting, to put the hero in greater danger, to give the sidekick a bit of the spotlight and to give the heroine something to do other than just scream, "save me, save me". The villain and his chief henchmen ultimately fall, but at a huge cost to the good guys. What I wrote yesterday was pretty good. The whole thing will lead beautifully into the ending, where the bad guys are thwarted and taken away, a loser wannabe shows himself a true hero, a lone-wolf hero learns the value of trust and sacrifice, and love blossoms among the wreckage.

So why do I feel like such a talentless hack? The whole thing sounds unbelievably trite when I summarize it, as in the above paragraph. I write and write and write, and feel great when I'm writing. I feel great when I read what I've written. Then... I feel terrible when I think about all the other books out there, all of them loved and slaved over by countless writers, and I think, "Who am I to think that I can - or should - throw my little teapcupful into the wide, wide sea?"

Also, maybe I should restrict musing like this to my journals, instead of throwing it out onto this blog. After all, people come here to be amused by a clown, don't they?

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  1. Ah, but it amuses me when you state exactly how I also feel. From one teacup to another, that's what friends are for, no? Write on...

  2. If it weren't for trillions of teacupfuls, there would be no sea. You have a shot like everyone else, so go for it.

  3. Laura: A font of universal truth, that's me, I guess.

    Red: Genius and wisdom - thank you.

  4. Tony: No, I come here to read honesty by someone who reflects what I feel. That you can be very funny is a lovely bonus. ;)

  5. No, I come to know what you are really thinking. For clowns, there are circuses. Besides, I don't like clowns, they're too creepy.

    I think about all the other writing out there a lot. The majority of it so much more creative, imaginative and well written than my own. I question who am I to be read by anyone.

    I appreciate your company. And I appreciate your honesty, it's far more valuable than a laugh for just a laugh's sake.
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