10 Things That Make Me Happy

Michelle D. Evans asked for ten things that make me happy, so here they are (in no particular order):

1. Hot coffee on a cold morning.

2. Filling in the last numbers on a "Gold Level"/"Black Belt"/"Impossible" sudoku puzzle.

3. The way the halves fly apart when the splitting maul strikes the log just so.

4. The smell of baking bread.

5. The feel of a rifle butt slamming into my shoulder as I squeeze off a round.

6. Reading a comment from a reader who was moved to tears (or giggles) by something I wrote.

7. Sun-warmed cherry tomatoes, eaten straight off the vine as I stand in my garden.

8. Loving, caring sex. Regular old everyday sex is nice, too, but the loving & caring kind fills your soul with joy.

9. Children singing.

10. Campfires.

And you? What are ten things that make you happy?


  1. Thanks for the suggestion, Michelle! I forgot to use links to your blog in my post - fixed that.

  2. 1. The "Ode to Joy" movement

    2. A big, juicy hamburger, done medium well, with crispy fries

    3. Hearing someone laugh when they read my work

    4. Making a friend laugh until he or she has to slump over

    5. Compliments from a new reader

    6. Hearing someone articulate an experience I've had but never even thought of articulating

    7. Hayao Miyazaki movies

    8. Extra cheese pizza

    9. Lying down to sleep and not falling asleep immediately (since I never do), but feeling all these muscles relax, the pain of my syndrome reducing just a little, and getting this feeling that I've done everything I had to today and this rest had been earned and will not be disturbed

    10. Dancing when nobody else is in the house

  3. Hi, John, thanks for the list!

    Miyazaki is amazing; when I first saw Spirited Away, I saw just how much emotion a good artist can pack into quiet moments, into the pauses. That's something that Disney, Pixar etc. are only slowly learning how to pull off.

  4. You're quite welcome, Tony. You did ask for readers to jump in on the exercise.

    The Pixar studio does wonderful things, but Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli have built an aesthetic that ensures happiness. I'm happy to see movies from either studio, though.


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