Resolutions for 2010

A quick reprint of my resolutions from Anne Tyler Lord's #WriterLbsOff site:
I’ve got some hernia repair surgery to get through in the first part of 2010. Recovery from that will preclude exercise for a while. After that, though, I’ll work on flexibility, strength and aerobic capacity.

I imagine I’ll feel less stressed when I’m not in pain all the time.

I’ll try to talk less, listen more, and not take myself so seriously.

I’d like to lose 20 pounds, but I’ll settle for 15.

I want to have perfect attendance at FridayFlash.

Finishing the revisions on the older of my two NaNoWriMo novels and writing more short stories will round out the “creativity” slot.
And that's where I am on January 1, 2010.

UPDATE - December 28, 2010: So how did I do?

Exercise: FAIL. Surgery went OK, but the recovery didn't go as planned. I've been in chronic pain for most of this year. After a year's worth of additional trips to the surgeon, additional procedures with a pain management specialist and lots of different drugs, the pain is now at a level that I can walk normally and can take the stairs almost normally. Frankly, I think it was the 11 months of healing rather than anything the doctors did.

Stress: FAIL. Some people might be able to endure debilitating chronic pain with a beatific serenity. I am not one of those people. Still, I think I sucked it up and didn't get whiny and maudlin about it, so maybe this is a WIN after all. Call it 50/50.

Talk less, listen more, lighten up. WIN. Without going into details, I'm a more tolerant, accepting and sympathetic person now than I was a year ago.

Lose 20 pounds: FAIL. Good lord, was this a fail. I couldn't walk at anything more than a hobble for a lot of the year, and I eat when I get stressed. Not a good combination.

Perfect attendance at #FridayFlash: WIN. I posted a fresh, new story every week for your enjoyment and/or ridicule. Most were at least OK, some were pretty good.

Creativity: WIN + FAIL. I wrote and published several short stories, was an associate editor on a couple of different projects, some of which have been published, others of which are yet to come out and/or go live. I did NaNoWriMo and ended up with the basis for what I think might be my first decent novel. However, the other two NaNoWriMos languish, needing (respectively) a complete re-write and a bullet to the brain.

So, overall, I'm roughly 3 for 6, depending on how you score this stuff.

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  1. Wishing you the best of luck with all your resolutions Tony. I hope the surgery goes well and recovery is quick and not too painful.
    Good luck with all your goals, especially the listening part - I would love to be able to commit to that, but that's one resolution I would surely break. ;)


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