Testicular atrophy

Tomorrow's the day I go in to get this hernia repaired. Just for fun,
I thought I'd relay for you one of the risks associated with this

"3. ISCHEMIC ORCHITIS & TESTICULAR ATROPHY: In males, on occasion, the
blood supply to the testicle can become compromised. This can lead to
painful swelling of the testicle which may take a few months to
resolve. It is rare that the testicle needs to be removed because of
this problem."

Dungeons & Dragons draws a distinction between "rare" (19 or 20 on a
d20) and "very rare" (20 on a d20), if I remember my 2nd edition rules

Not that I necessarily need to know the odds here. After all, I am
known in eleven timezones as the man who laughs first and loudest in
the face of danger.

I just would have preferred a "very", that's all.

Strange, isn't it? As a writer, I go "very picking" all the time,
trying to expunge the word from every piece of prose I come across.

Now, a "very" would be rather comforting.

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  1. You have to remember that it was a WRITER who wrote that so they dropped the 'very' that the doctor would have put in...
    Feel better now? :)
    Have a tranquil day tomorrow!

  2. Very astute of you. All words exist for a reason.

    Good luck. And a very speedy recovery.


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