FridayFlash: Two Lutheran Pastors

A joke for #FridayFlash, while I work on NaNoWriMo. Enjoy.

There were two Lutheran pastors, one from Philadelphia, one from Minnesota. They met at a conference and struck up a friendship. After some discussion about fellowship and evangelism, they decided to trade sermons at each other's congregations. So the Lutheran pastor from Philadelphia went to visit his friend's church in Minnesota... in January.

He went over to the church early on a Sunday morning and found the other Lutheran pastor out front with a bucket, spreading sand on the ice leading up to the door.

"Hey," said the first Lutheran pastor, "that's interesting. In Philadelphia, we spread salt on the ice to melt it."

"Oh, salt is great stuff," said the second Lutheran pastor, "but it only works down to about zero degrees. On really cold mornings like we get here in Minnesota, it won't melt the ice. The only thing you can do is spread some sand to provide some traction."

"Really? I had no idea." said the first Lutheran pastor. "Salt won't work at all? Sand is your only option?"

"Yep," said the second Lutheran pastor, "this is Minnesota. Here I sand; I can do no other."

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UPDATE: If you're not a Lutheran, then this joke was not only not funny, but was probably incomprehensible. It refers to Martin Luther's testimony at the Diet of Worms, wherein he (supposedly) uttered one of the most famous quotes in the history of Protestant theological determinism, "Here I stand. I can do no other." Just forward the link to a Lutheran. They'll laugh enough for both of you.


  1. After sanding did he nail anything to the church door?

  2. And you're right, non-Lutherans don't get this. At least this one doesn't :-)

  3. I appended a bit of historical context, by way of explanation.

    Ah, well. Not all humor is universal.

  4. Ha-ha! Forwarded on to UU minister hubbers... I got it, though not Lutheran. Tx for the laugh. peace, linda

  5. Glad you added the explanation because it went over my head. :-)

  6. Uh, Tony. Maybe you should stick to bird stories. Really.

    But that's advice from a heathen. If Luther had stood his ground in a patch of heather, I'd probably be rolling on the sand right about now.


  7. I'd heard that quote before but had no idea what it meant, so thanks for the explanation at the end. :)

  8. Laura: They say you should never explain your jokes, but if I can't be funny, at least I can be educational.

  9. Hahahaha. I get it-but maybe that's because I'm doing a Ph.D. in religion (theological studies).

  10. Very funny, Tony. I did get the joke because I live in the midst of many Lutherans - have all my life.

    That sand and salt thing wouldn't have anything to do with my Tweets in December complaining about the ineffectiveness of salt on the Minnesota ice, would it? Thanks for setting me straight on that.


  11. Oh. Groooaaan. (I got it, formerly Lutheran Church Missouri Synod).


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