Sabotaging NaNoWriMo -"It's for your own good"

Many articles will tell you how to succeed at NaNoWriMo. Those "how to" articles are aimed at writers, and talk about workable plots, gripping characters, tricks for reaching a daily wordcount, etc.

In contrast, this article isn't intended for writers, scribbling away at the next NaNoWriMo "masterpiece". This is a "how to" aimed at the spouses, partners and family members of people who are participating in NaNoWriMo. The goal is to show you how to stay sane in a NaNoWriMo household. Follow this advice, and your "writer" will come back to his or her senses in no time.

Tip #1: Insist that your partner stick to his or her diet. Writing a #nanowrimo is no excuse for extra calories.

Tip #2: Mealtimes are family times. Writing a #nanowrimo is no excuse for not being a part of every meal. That includes breakfast.

Tip #3: The laundry, gutters, lawn and all the other chores still need to be done. Writing a #nanowrimo is no excuse for a messy house.

Tip #4: Christmas is coming soon. Your partner can work on #nanowrimo later; insist on going over, together, catalogs as they arrive.

Tip #5: Isolation is a sign of a sick mind. Insist that your partner be in the TV room with you in the evenings, not off on that #nanowrimo.

Tip #6: Plenty of sleep is the foundation of good health. Don't let your partner stay up late to work on #nanowrimo. Or get up early.

Tip #7: Use air-quotes with your fingers when referring to the #nanowrimo "novel" your partner is "writing". He/she needs to lighten up.

Tip #8: Put #nanowrimo in a green perspective. Remind your partner how much electricity that laptop is wasting.

Tip #9: It's simple logic - if anyone off the street can sign up to do #nanowrimo, then it must not be a big deal, so why bother?

Tip #10: Reassure your partner that you will still love them, even though they want to waste the best month of the year on #nanowrimo.


These simple tips for sabotaging #nanowrimo partners everywhere brought to you by the Aliteracy Foundation. "AF: Don't Read"


  1. I saw these coming across my Twitter feed. They were great!

  2. Give spouse/partner/children $200 and keys to the car. While they are out, have the locks changed. Your word count will soar.

  3. These are so funny! My favorite is #5, but I'm also quite partial to #7 because "air quotes" just make me "laugh" "everytime!"

  4. Air quotes. I vote air quotes for my favorite. Whoops -- I mean "air quotes."

    I will NOT be giving wife link to this blog.


  5. Oh how fun! LOL Thanks for posting these!

  6. Gah! Glad I didn't see this during NaNo, it would have driven me crazy! :)

    No idea why this one attracts spam, unless spam is searching for NaNoWriMo particularly.

  7. I'm glad you liked them, everyone!


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