NaNoWriMo 2009: Crossed the 15K mark

I remember now why I wanted to do NaNoWriMo. Fifteen thousand words is a lot of text, and it's only the beginning!

After the first week, I feel like a mountain climber, looking down at the valley far below, and the summit far above. Leg muscles which were screaming in protest during the first painful days have hardened up nicely. I'm making solid progress, and I'm doing it one day at a time.

I remember this. I remember consistency and steady forward motion. I remember the thrill of accomplishment the last time I climbed this mountain.

Fifteen thousand words up this mountainside, and the air must be thinning out. I feel lighter and giddier than I have in ages. My pack is lighter too, not just because I'm getting stronger with every day of exercise, but because I've been either eating up or throwing overboard a bunch of useless crap that I've been carrying around.

I'm excited, and looking forward to the coming weeks.


  1. I hope to be where you are. I wasn't able to write Friday or Saturday, but was able to make up Friday's on Sunday. So I'm only down a day. I'd like to do more, but not having a outline bit me in the arse alst night. Had to figure out whether to introduce a new character or move on with what I had.

    I was already fatigued, so the decision process failed, and I only got a couple, three thousand words type.

    More today!

  2. Paul: Spread over a month, there are just some days that can't be helped. (Like today.)

    I'll make up the ground tomorrow.


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