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#FridayFlash fiction ~1000 words, posted on Fridays (F=Fantasy; H=Horror; L=Literary; S=Science Fiction)Nanofiction Standalone microflash stories written for Twitter and Twitter-based litmags.
Short stories ~1000-4000 words
Poetry ~Enter at your own riskNovellas and excerpts >4000 words
  • Introduction to Magic An excerpt from a novel in progress, "One Thousand Candles" (YA fantasy).
  • Needlework An excerpt from an novel in progress, "The Blood of Yesterday's Heroes" (sci-fi/action)
  • Rosetta An opening for a novella (scifi, gov't conspiracy)
The Tonka Football saga An ongoing attempt to get off a mailing list (linked in order of increasing snarkiness)


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  1. Re: Reconciliation -- Brilliant, Tony! I really enjoyed this. Had to read it a second time, to be sure I got it.
    Donna Carrick


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