Skill sets

It was brought to my attention today that my skills at woodworking are
rather above average. Someone was talking about seeing a tablesaw for
the first time, and how amazingly useful and flexible it was. My
reaction was "WTF?" I'm on my second tablesaw, having worn the first
one out.

It makes me think about all of the other skills that I have, some of
which are only rudimentary, others of which are at expert level. I've
been all over the country, lived and visited, and I've done a fair bit
of international travel.

How can I use this life experience in my writing?

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  1. Everything you experience in life aids you as a writer. Every moment you're aware of and remember can lend that touch of authenticity needed when a character is doing something similar. It's all about the resonance;-)

  2. Scott Turow was a lawyer who wrote books about lawyers. OTOH, Michael Crichton was a medical doctor who wrote about velociraptors, and David Brin was an astrophysicist who wrote about aliens.

    I just need to remember to start taking better notes when I travel, so I can base scenes of some future book in Orlando, Chicago, Sao Paulo, Beijing, Moscow, Indianapolis, Napa Valley, Seoul, New York, Atlanta, London, etc., etc., etc. Food, buildings, languages, bars.

    Maybe that's why tourists snap so many photos, even of bookstore coffee shops they've visited, because they're all writing books back at home and need to recapture the atmosphere.

  3. Actually all the pictures are simply a respite from the quarreling which so often seems to accompany couples on vacation. But, since everyone stops talking during a picture, it gives those precious few seconds between accusations over who was supposed to grab the luggage off the back of the llama.


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