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Both Anthony and Emma use WordPress, and both have informative (and nice looking) blogs. A discussion with them about Blogger vs. WordPress prompted me to test the ability of Blogger to support podcasts. If this were an actual podcast, you would be hearing my voice, not the Fugue in C minor from Book 1 of the Well Tempered Clavier.

Audio link

Blogger doesn't provide hosting for audio files. Am I correct in thinking that if I get an off-site host for the podcast audio files, I should be good to go? I have no intention of doing this anytime soon, but a website with the ability to grow is certainly a good thing.

Content creation options and flexibility will (presumably) be a key issue as I grow this blog, and the ease of use will (again, presumably) be less of one as I gain expertise.

Am I just stumbling into one of the classic ongoing debates with a Blogger vs. WordPress discussion?


  1. A workaround I've used before is to convert the audio to a video file with a single small image for the 'video' part. I used Movie Maker but other software should work as well.

  2. Possibly just another of those Blogger v Wordpress arguments, however my own podcast (shameless plug coming up) The Darkness Stares Back is on a Blogger blog (although I do self-host).

    You do need your own storage since Blogger won't host the audio files, but once you have the storage, you go to your Blogger dashboard, activate media enclosures, and enter the URL to the location of the hosted file.

    That way the audio is easy to pick up in aggregators like iTunes.

    There are probably more sophisticated ways to do it that the big names in podcasting use, but I've found it relatively simple to use Blogger for my podcast.

    Hope this helps in some way!

  3. Duncan: great tip, thanks!

    Paul: Yes, very helpful. I think the only real barrier would be the storage, since I don't self-host. I have done zero investigation of this, though, so there may be simple options available.

  4. Google Analytics, Podcasting, writing about writing... Are you sure this is not really a more sophisticated form of procrastination? So you feel like you're working on your wour writing, even though you're not?
    Maybe I'm projecting my own procrastination issues. But, maybe I'm not...

  5. D.: I'm sure that's part of it. I procrastinate all the time; as this is a space where I get to wear my writer's hat, that means I do it here, too.


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