Voice recognition during a flu episode

Problem: I'm home with bronchitis, and feel like shit, dried on the pavement and rehydrated with a dropped can of warm Diet Cherry 7-UP. My eyes hurt, I don't want to read, work on any deadlines, watch TV or play videogames.
Solution: Write some fiction!

Problem: My head is so foggy that I can't think. I couldn't possibly work up some new material.
Solution: Type in some of the fiction you have handwritten in some of those notebooks.

Problem: I'm too weak, tired and feverish to type lots of text.
Solution: Use voice recognition software to read it all in.

Problem: The software is trained to my normal voice, not this tubercular croak I'm able to make.
Solution: Maybe it'll be OK.....

**attempt made**

Problem: 1000 words later, it's 90% accurate. That means near-gibberish that I'll have to re-work completely at some point in the future.
Solution: True, but that's 1000 words towards a writing goal.

Problem: But I'd already written that text. This was just dictation and typing, not new productivity.
Solution: It still counts.

Problem: No it doesn't. That would mean a 1000 word count when I scrawled it, and another 1000 for typing in the same text.
Solution: Go lie down and let me worry about it, OK? You look tired.

Problem: I am feeling kind of woozy. All that dictation took more breath than I thought it would.
Solution: C'mon, time for your Advil and codeine. A nap will do you some good.

Problem: Will you edit that text for me?
Solution: There, there, it'll be fine. Just lie down and rest. That's it... rest.

Problem: ...yes....so tired......
Solution: Just sleep, OK? OK? Are you awake? Hello?

Problem: ............
Solution: Geez, I thought he'd never give it up. Mr. frickin' Type-A personality, gotta make every moment of the day "productive". A thousand words of crap, if you ask me.


  1. Not the flu...

    But just too much stress in RL. It just overwhelms me when I sit down and I just can't accomplish a thing. Every day this week my goal has been to write, and every day there has been some new stressor added on that gets in the way.

    Hope you feel better at least!

  2. D: Peace - hope things will rationalize soon. Meeting a word count seems low on the priority list sometimes.

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