More color!

I decided that my blog looked too... basic. I hadn't done much with it beyond the template, aside from some widgets.

The banner picture certainly livens things up. The beige-on-brown look was very studious and academic, but there's nothing like a splash of color to make the place look homey.

I also de-cluttered the sidebar, and made a few other changes, to increase the customization process.

Ahhh.... that's better!


  1. Sea and sun. Nothing better, lovely. Who knows, amybe you'll be migrating over to WordPress before long ;o)

  2. I'm glad you like the pic!

    You've touched on a very interesting point with the WordPress comment. When I was starting this blog, I registered with WordPress and set up a stumbling prototype, but found it difficult to work with. Blogger was much easier to use, and seems to have all of the features I need.

    There seems to be an association of WordPress with professionals, Blogger with amateurs. Thoughts on why that is? Will my needs evolve so dramatically? I don't have a book to promote (yet), but I would think that I could do it here the same way as I do with the "fiction sampler" over in the sidebar.

  3. Huh, funny you make the distinction about Blogger and Wordpress, Tony--I've always considered it opposite. I follow two Wordpress-ers, both only friends. Otherwise, my Blogger following list ranges in the hundreds.

    Otherwise, love the banner--very nice! :) (And, sometimes, too, blogs can be simple. *shrug* Depends on the personality!)

    Thanks for following, too.


  4. Weronika: The issue of which blogging platform to use seems kind of jingoistic to me. If the blog lets you do what you want & need to do, then why would it matter?

    Maybe at some point, I'll find that this venue isn't working for me anymore, that my audience will have grown so substantially that I'll really need to have a remote-hosted site, professionally designed and run.

    This will, of course, be of great convenience to Oprah, the New York Times Book Review, Paramount Studios and the Pulitzer committee.

    Until then, I'll keep tweaking this place. It still looks a bit too much like a template for my tastes.


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