Recording dialogue

I used to carry a notebook around to record real-life snatches of
dialogue, scenes and interactions, for later use in fiction. I
collected many absolute gems.

The problem was that I never did anything with them. I was so enamored
of the "look at me, I'm a writer" scrivenerish action of stopping a
conversation to whip out pen and paper! It was the perfect excuse to
change the subject to me and my writing. It was a precious thin topic,
given my near-zero output of actual writing.

Now, though, when I write a lot more, of much better quality, I don't
carry a notebook around. Yesterday, I heard and observed a lot of
really good dialogue and interactions bewtween people who were happy,
unhappy, resentful and grateful. Some was funny, some was pathetic.

I'm trying to remember it all, but am failing. How does one do the
writer's little notebook thing, but discretely and without being
ostentatious about it?

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