Taking a break

No fiction written yesterday, NaNoWriMo or otherwise. As of right now, I'm still at 38,053. Many things were vying for my attention yesterday; many things vie for my attention today. NaNoWriMo is a deadline, but there are other, more important deadlines snapping at my heels.

Fortunately, since I took a break last night, I was able to lay aside all (or at least most) of my burdens, mental and physical. An evening off, with an early-ish bedtime has eased away a big chunk of my exhaustion. With luck, dedication, and plenty of coffee, I might get done today all the things that need to get done today.

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  1. Taking a break is good Tony and if you think in terms of however much you've written for Nano you've still won and besides it's not about the winning is it? It's about the doing. And you're doing it! ^_^

    1. Actually... yes. It's about the winning. It's all about the winning.

    2. Well Tony just taking part means you're winning.


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