#NaNoWriMo, Day 6: 10K+

Broke 10K yesterday. This keeps me slightly ahead of the standard pace, which is where I need to be. I'll note that, on re-reading yesterday's last writing, I realized this morning that my MC was "shocked" twice in the same paragraph. Will I fix this repetition?

No I will not! That's not how NaNoWriMo works! If I get wrapped up in editing one paragraph, I'll want to edit the whole damned 10K, and there's no time for that. Believe me, I know - I wrote it.

However, I need a little mental break to cleanse the neurons. As today is Wednesday, I'll give you a little poem, based on today's three words for Three Word Wednesday: amplify, criticize, moan

Writing can amplify fear,
A moan of self-doubt looming near;
But to win NaNo's prize,
I won't criticize.
Forge ahead and put it in gear!

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  1. Keep your eyes on that prize... you can do it!

  2. Oh how I feel this! Great use of words. Love

  3. Wonderful! And you have the right attitude about NaNoWriMo...it's about getting that first draft down on paper (or, more likely, onto a memory stick). Go back and edit in December. Better yet, keep going if you're on a role and edit in January!

  4. I can relate to the urge to go back and edit what you have already written. I think that is one of the biggest distractions for those of us that desire to write book size manuscripts. Keep going. Plenty of time to edit when you get the first draft done.


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