Rock and Roll Nerd

If I played piano, this would be me:

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  1. You'd be unconfident but talented? You really are hammering on that identity!

    1. I live in this identity. Whatever hammering I'm doing, it's in the same manner a fish pushes against the water it lives in.

  2. I keep seeing links to Tim Minchin lately, so I've watched quite a few of his music videos recently and also a vid of a speech he gave at the local University. That was when I realized he was actually from my home town, and felt dudded since I've never seen a live performance.

    I can see similarities between you, but I think they are things like a great sense of humour (or humor for you Americans), a drive for perfection, and a niche but dedicated group of followers. Neither of you may take over the world (although either of you might), but you provide enjoyment and an escape for those cluey enough to follow you. I hope you can make your living from it one day too, Tony.


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