Quiz contest: grammar and superheroes

How good is your grammar? Do you have perfect punctuation? Think you know your superheroes? As Launch Week continues for "Verbosity's Vengeance", I'm giving away copies of the book to the first ten entrants who can correctly answer seven of the following ten questions (without Google):

1. In the sentence, "Wow, the Grammarian's ability to heal himself with self-editing is awesome!", what part of speech is "Wow"?
2. In the same sentence, what part of speech is "awesome"?
3. What movie did Bruce Wayne's parents take him to see that fateful night?
4. True or false: the rules of grammar cannot ever be broken
5. Serial commas go by several other names. Give one.
6. Name this punctuation mark:
7. What are the lenses of Cyclops' visor made of?
8. Exactly how wonderful are semicolons?
9. True or false: strident hectoring about the rules of grammar is the best way to encourage grammatical speech online
10. Other than the Grammarian, name one other superhero who uses superpowered grammar, punctuation, spelling, or a comparable power.

Bonus prize for anyone who can answer all ten!

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