An interview by Icy Sedgwick

Launch week for "Verbosity's Vengeance" continues with an interview over at Icy Sedgwick's blog. Icy is a crafty writer who's well known to the #FridayFlash community.

In the interview, I describe the intended audience for my book, discuss my favorite character, and talk a little bit about myself.

"Verbosity's Vengeance" is just $2.99 at for the Kindle version. Don't forget, Amazon makes lots of apps to read Kindle books on the PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, Blackberry and other smartphones.

If you don't want to buy from Amazon or prefer an EPUB or PDF for reading on your Nook, iPhone, iPad or desktop computer, shoot me a line and I can sell you those formats directly via PayPal. Click the button below to get started! formats

And there's no extra charge for the EPUB or PDF formats - still only $2.99. Other formats will be made available as requested.
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