Review: "perfectly paced and honed"

The latest review of "Blood Picnic and other stories" went up recently, and it's another 5 stars. The review describes my collection of flash fiction stories this way:
These stories are finely crafted. What do I mean by that? Well, if you were wanting to get an example of a perfectly paced and honed short story, you'd have a hard time narrowing down Blood Picnic to just one or two. They're ALL tightly written. They're ALL interesting, and they're ALL delicious morsels of plot chocolate. So, like a chocolate sampler box, there are different flavors, but each one is surprise, or a delight, or a thought-provoking choice.
One of the things that this reviewer noted (as have other reviews) is that the one of the chief delights in my stories is the quality of the dialogue:
Noland is a master of believable and interesting dialogue. This is more impressive than it sounds. No, really. Trust me.
I'm glad the book was such a pleasure to read!

Do YOU have $2.99 to spend on a delightful, interesting, entertaining, and engaging collection of fantasy, magical realism, horror and literary flash fiction stories? You'll enjoy this anthology, I'm certain of it. You can get "Blood Picnic" from Amazon and in many other different country and/or device-specific formats from Amazon-UK, Amazon-DE, Barnes & Noble, Sony, Kobo, and Diesel Books.

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  1. What do I keep telling you? It's a wonderful collection!!!


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