#FridayFlash: The Diggings

Right now, with my knees aching from the cold and another headache from the glare, I have to keep reminding myself that this joke is gonna be worth all the effort. I also have to remind myself that cutting corners at this point will screw the pooch.

It's the old 90/10 rule. The main part of the digging went pretty quickly, as did the burial. It's crazy to think that smoothing out the ground and removing my footprints has taken three times as long as the actual placement, but it's the details that will make the gag sing. After all, it won't just be the guys at NASA going over the high-resolution camera images... it'll be everyone in the world.

There are still forty-one days until the Curiosity rover comes over that ridge and looks down into this hollow. Plenty of time to arrange the rocks around the exposed top of this police call box and get off-planet.

When I think of the reaction, it's hard not to laugh, despite the work that still remains. This is going to be my best gag ever, better than Easter Island. I just wish I'd thought to put heaters in the knee joints of this suit.

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  1. Wait, was that a Doctor who reference?I like it!

  2. Ha! Can you imagine? I want this to actually happen more than anything in the worlds, I think!

  3. wasn't he the guy he carved those faces into Mt Rushmore when no one was looking?

    Nice work Tony

    marc nash

  4. Obviously, you're muse is Matt Smith. ;)


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